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Son of God

The Musical


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Son of God Book

Son of God

As he did so, Jesus entered the room and began to sing over him, although Pete was unaware of what was happening.

You have been rejected, oh, so many times before.

Have lost your trust in everyone; your heart is sick and sore.

Lonely, cold, afraid, you feel the sun will never shine,

For too many arms have dropped you. Come to mine.

Longing for a love you think can never quite be yours.

All the love you've known 'til now has had so many flaws.

Demands been made upon you, 'til you're weary, and you pine

For arms that will not drop you. Come to mine.

But you're so afraid of love you fight it when it's near.

Tender hands held out to you cause you to hide in fear,

For you feel if you accept it you'll pay penalty and fine.

But these arms will not drop you. Come to mine.

Longing for my love to fill you. One day, yes, it will.

Though of heartache, suffering, you feel you've had your fill.

I've set for you a banquet and one day at it you'll dine.

You'll feel strong arms around you. They'll be mine.

On that day you'll know at last that you're secure with me.

Suffering is in the past, my love has set you free

From all the hurts that you've sustained at each point down the line.

You'll know arms forever round you; and they're mine.

Jesus slowly left the room as, finishing his drink, Pete went up to bed, dropped the Bible on the bedside table with a cynical sneer, and got into bed very carefully, trying not to wake Stella.

Arms that will not drop you, will not smother or oppress.

Holding you, enfolding you in deepest tenderness.

Supporting you, transporting you to realms of life and light

The everlasting arms of Jesus hold you tight.


In the middle of the night, with Pete and Stella sound asleep, a brilliant light momentarily flared in the lounge; and as it died down, a figure slowly began to move. He picked up an ornament off a shelf and examined it curiously. Gently putting it back down he gazed at the wedding photos in their silver frames that stood at either side of the shelf. The darkness of the room did not appear to affect the uninvited visitor's ability to see. Then he turned, and spotting the armchair sat in it, wriggling around to feel how soft and comfortable it was. Seeing himself in the mirror on the wall, he walked over to it and turned around, left and right, checking that all was in order. It was. He then soundlessly went upstairs and into Stella and Pete's bedroom, where they were both sleeping soundly.

It may have taken Pete a long time to get to sleep, but now he was there it would take a bomb to wake him. At first the visitor tapped him gently on the shoulder, not wishing to startle him; but to no effect. He blew on his face, with equal lack of success. Finally, he shrugged, took a deep breath, and grabbing Pete by the arm shook him so violently he almost fell out of bed.

"What's going on here?" Pete yelled in alarm.

"Ah! So you're awake at last!"

"Who on earth are you; and what are you doing in my bedroom?"

"On earth; in heaven; it makes no difference to me where I am, I'm just the same. And I've come here to talk to you."

"What are you on about?" asked Pete bewilderedly. Still half asleep, with a strange man attacking him, his mind was having difficulty in computing the situation. "Who are you?"

"If you must know, I'm an angel."

"An angel? There's no such thing. I don't believe in fairies. I'm going to call the police." Pete tried to get out of bed, but half in, half out, his body suddenly froze as the angel pointed at him, and he found himself unable either to get out, or get back into bed.

"What's happening? Why can't I move? How did you do it?"

"I told you. I'm an angel."

"Alright, if you say so." The angel dropped his finger and Pete thankfully fell back into bed. "Well. What do you want?"

"It's not so much what I want as what you are going to want. But I'm here because your wife asked me to come."

"She did?"

"Well, not in so many words; but she did ask God to work in your life, and this is the way He has chosen to do it. I must say you are very privileged: it's very rare that I get a job like this."

"Stella prayed for me? I'll kill her!" Pete turned around to grab Stella, wake her up and give her a piece of his mind; but the angel pointed at him again and once more he froze, unable to move. Somehow the noisy encounter was not disturbing Stella, and she continued to sleep, occasionally emitting a tiny snore.

"Not while I'm around you won't," replied the angel. He waited long enough to satisfy himself that Pete would not continue with his original intention, and then dropped his finger away, leaving Pete to slump back on his own side of the bed once more.

"I'll have to wait 'til after you've gone then!"

"I don't think God will allow that to happen!"

"You speak about God as if He was a person. Well, I have to tell you that I don't believe in a God like that. He is just the good that is in all of us."


"But of course! All that superstitious nonsense about some old man in the sky has long since been disproved by science. Everything is here because it just evolved that way. We're not ignorant savages living in caves now, you know. We don't need religion anymore."

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