Child of Hope provides free education, food and welfare for over 500 children who live in a slum in Namatala, Mbale, East Uganda and who otherwise would have none of these things. In 2018 Child of Hope school was recognised as in the top 6% of all the schools in Uganda; but that’s not all! Over 250 adults now have small businesses thanks to the Child of Hope Income Generating Scheme, which gives a gift of up to £25, on-going guidance and training, to kick-start and then maintain a means whereby people who otherwise would have no income can begin to provide for themselves. So we do not hesitate to recommend this Christian-based charity, and hope you will investigate further on their web site:


Each year Child of Hope produces a Christmas video, and 2018 saw a series of 11 short videos with the children acting out an ‘alternative’ nativity play. They have now been amalgamated into one 20-minute video, shown below.

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