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Son of God

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Son of God Book Son of God Book




Son of God Book

The Cure

Born Again (JW)


What Does the Lord Require of You?

God’s Word

Root of All Evil?

The Mother-Heart of God

Israel, Christians and Islam

Church Leadership


The main thrust of this site is not to try to convince you by logical reasoning that creation is fact and evolution wrong, but rather to demonstrate that the ‘science’ evolutionists claim proves the Bible to be wrong is actually not observable physics but an interpretation based on the atheistic faith that God does not exist.

Having established, to my satisfaction at least, that God is responsible for everything around us, what is His purpose in it all? What does He expect of us? This section looks at some issues, seeking to establish what God ‘thinks’ about them, by the simple means of seeing what the Bible says. They are not placed below in order of importance, but are simply questions that have arisen in my experience and the answers at which I arrived.

A look at some of the beliefs of Jehovah’s Witnesses, based on their magazine published on 1st April 2009.

What is God’s intention for the people He has created? This includes short sections on the work of the Holy Spirit and God’s design and intention for our sexuality.

What does the Bible teach about women preaching, teaching and in Church leadership?

Women in the Church

A study into what the Bible says is God’s plan for Church government.

A look at what the Bible teaches about drinking wine.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses say salvation is not possible without using the Name Jehovah. Is this true?

Name Above All Names (JW)

Why do different people believe different things, and how can we know what we believe is correct?

What is Truth?

View the musical play, Son of God. Includes information about the presentation.

Son of God

Comments on a debate between Alister McGrath and Richard Dawkins.

Is this a valid description of the Almighty? What does the Bible really say about this?

The power and effect of God’s word is life-changing for those who will accept it.

Does this book give a true picture of Christianity?

A critique of the short course promoting theistic evolution.

Test of Faith

What is the Christian attitude to these three faiths and the relationship between these peoples?

A look at what the Bible has to say about this important topic.

How to Become a Christian

Who was Jesus, what was He when living on earth and what is He now?

100 Truths About Jesus

The account of what was arguably the worst six months of my life.
(Les Sherlock)

Out of a Horrible Pit

Does the six days of creation found in the Bible refer to literal days or long periods of time?

Six Days

This is partly a discussion on how we can best demonstrate our love for God, and partly sheer speculation on what the eternity future might look like.

Love Thy Neighbour

Read the musical book, based on the musical play, with the songs automatically playing at the correct point in the story.

Son of God

There are almost as many theories about end-time prophecies as there are people discussing them. Here is another one!

End Times

A study into the ‘rights’ of the Christian to be healed.


In an imperfect world we all experience bad things. How should, and how can, we respond to them?


A critique of a booklet by the Christadelphians rejecting orthodox teaching on the nature of God.

The Trinity: Bible teaching?

In July 2017 the Church of England Synod accepted a change to the Church's stance on sexuality. Of greater concern than the issue itself, is the journey and thinking behind this decision.

The Church of England

"Good God" is a phrase mostly used carelessly by people who do not know how true it is. This is the most important page on this web site and it is hoped you will read it if you ignore everything else.

Good God!

In January 2018 the Church of England house of bishops published more on their stance on sexuality, which left Bible-believing Christians stranded.

Welcoming Transgender People

Some Christians, believing science has proved a long, evolutionary past for the earth, have turned to the Gap Theory. Is the Bible capable of this interpretation, though?

The Gap Theory

The Bible Course, produced by the Bible Society, is an excellent presentation with a very good overview of the Bible. However, there is one little problem...

The Bible Course