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Son of God Book

 Creation or Evolution?

Evolution, as proposed by Charles Darwin in ‘Evolution of Species’, and the later variations of evolution now widely accepted, are clearly at odds with the account of creation in Genesis, the first book of the Christian Bible. The problem is that due to the stranglehold the evolutionary lobby has over the media and education establishments, many people have abandoned any

idea of the existence of God, under the illusion that science has proven He has no relevance to the universe in which we live. The reality is that far from proving God does not exist, observable scientific facts demonstrate that life, the universe and everything could only be here, and you could only be reading this, as a result of the work of an incredibly powerful and intelligent being.

A consideration of some of the reasons the Young-Earth Creationist’s explanation of origins is better than that produced by evolutionists.

The Triple Whammy

A step by step calculation demonstrating that the change from a common ancestor to modern man and apes is absolutely impossible. Can you prove otherwise?

The Challenge

Discussion on the Richard Dawkins book that clams to disprove creation and give ‘evidence’ for the theory of evolution.

The Greatest Show on Earth

An answer to a booklet that tries to persuade us that evolution is compatible with Christianity.

Rescuing Darwin

A response to Massimo Pigliucci’s book, published in 2002, which defends evolution against the arguments of creationists.

Denying Evolution

In September 2012 the ENCODE project reported that far from being useless, human DNA discounted as ‘junk’ does have a function, with devastating implications for  evolutionary theory.

Junk DNA

A very brief discussion about this theory of how our universe is the way it is.

The Multiverse

The conflict between Creationism and the Intelligent Design Movement.

The Intelligent Design Movement

A look at science and the Bible to consider what might have happened at the creation.

How Did He Do That?

A definition of the phrase ‘specified complexity’ and why it is so important.

Specified Complexity

A list of ‘evidences’ demonstrating the clear case for creation.

In a Nutshell

A definition of the phrase ‘evolution of species’.

Evolution of Species

An experience of debating creation/evolution with evolutionists on the Internet. Who won? You decide!

Internet Discussion

Some reasons why the theory of origins promoted by the Reasons to Believe web site are not valid.

Reasons to Believe

A response to a You Tube clip attacking creationism.

Top 10 List Why
Anti-Evolutionists are WRONG

An email exchange with the owner of god of evolution web site, who specialises in destroying the arguments of creationists.

God of Evolution

Stephen Hawking presents in his book, The Grand Design, his atheistic view of the origins of the universe. How valid are his claims?

The Grand Design

A critique of the short course promoting theistic evolution.

Test of Faith

Is the geological evidence observable around the world today evidence of billions of years of slow change, or a world-wide flood a few thousand years ago?


There is no better evidence for the validity of 'Young Earth Creationism' than in the writings of evolutionists when they try to disprove it, as can be seen in the Winter 2017/2018 edition of Scientific American, Collector's Edition.

Scientific American

The Scientific American and the New Scientist magazines carried articles on how life first began, in June 2018. Here is a response to the unscientific notions they produced.

My Matchstick Tower

The way science works is logical and simple; but does the theory of evolution follow this method?

The Scientific Method

The final book from Stephen Hawking, Brief Answers to the Brief Questions, tells us where his 'great mind' took him; but is it somewhere we (and, for that matter, he) would really want to go?

Brief Answers to Brief Questions

When is a lifetime not a lifetime? When evolutionists require it not to be in order to protect their theory!

Burning Candles