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The three musicals for which I have written music represent many hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of work and have been a major part of my life. I took on the task of each of them believing it was the God I love and serve who had directed me to do so - indeed, who gave me the inspiration to write them. I can only take credit for the mistakes and inadequacies, of which, no doubt, there are many. At the time they were performed, fairly large numbers of people came to the presentations locally, and we received many encouraging comments. In particular a significant number of people testified to their coming into a first-time relationship with God through the work of Jesus Christ, as a result of witnessing the second one - Son of God.

It has always been my hope that others might feel able to make presentations of them, but it has never happened. Perhaps they were just for the time they were originally performed; or perhaps my work simply is not good enough. However, aware that the majority of my life is behind me, and that there might just be the faint possibility that the Lord has yet a use for one or other of them, I make available here such music as I am able to produce, so should anyone feel the inclination to have a go, they will have the means to do so. I will receive no financial reward for this, and trust that those who collaborated with me in the writing process will agree with me that having the work performed again will be reward enough.

All the music available on this page is copyright and it is illegal to copy and/or reproduce it for financial gain. However, permission is given for anyone to make as many copies as necessary in order for musicians and singers to be able to perform it, providing they are distributed, either electronically or in print, at cost.

I am not a music arranger and make no claims about the quality of the arrangements in the files; in particular the piano parts are intended to give an idea for the feel of the pieces, with the hope the pianist will improvise around this foundation. So permission is also granted to anyone wishing to produce their own arrangements of these pieces.

Les Sherlock

Clicking on the link will download the file to your computer, which you can then examine and either delete or use as appropriate. For copyright reasons it is not possible for me to make available the script I wrote for Hind’s Feet, and permission to use material taken from the book ‘Hind’s Feet on High Places’ must be obtained from Church’s Ministry among Jewish People.

Hind’s Feet band score (just words and chords in MS Word document)

Hind’s Feet Act One Music Score (PDF)

Hind’s Feet Act Two Music Score (PDF)

Son of God Script (MS Word)

Son of God Script (Rich Text Format)

Son of God Music Score (Sibelius file)

Son of God Music Score (MS Word)

Son of God Music Score (PDF)

Bid for a Bride Music Score (PDF)

Bid for a Bride band score (just words and chords in MS Word document)