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Son of God

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Son of God Book

Son of God

Then she turned, and even though he knew she couldn't see him, it seemed to Pete she was looking straight at him.

Have you seen His hands?

The walk that Jesus took?

Have you seen how He's bleeding?

The King, the people all mock.

Have you seen His brow?

His body so beaten and frail?

Have you seen His crown of thorns?

His face, so grey and so pale?

Can you see the love

Pouring out from Him?

He's taking all our blame;

He's taking all our sin.

Oh Lamb of God

My Prince of Peace,

Forgive me. I never knew

Until I came to Calvary

And fixed my eyes on You.

Oh my Saviour's cross!

My Lord, what You went through!

You suffered there for us.

Christ died there just for you.

As she finished, her finger was pointing straight at Pete, and he shook so much he could only stand with the angel's support. Nothing in his life, no experience he had ever had, came near to what confronted him now, and he could barely speak. Faced with such raw passion, his senses reeled.

"Is this real?" he finally burst out to the angel. "Tell me it's not real. Tell me I'm dreaming."

"You're not dreaming," the angel replied, seeing the change starting to come over Pete. "This is real. That's a real cross. Real nails. This is a real event in history, and God has allowed me to bring you here to witness it."

"We are really here? 2,000 years in the past?"

"That's right. It's not difficult for the Creator of the universe."

Suddenly Pete knew, difficult as it was, what he had to do. Barely able to speak he whispered, "Then could you take me back a little further into the past?"

The angel hesitated for a moment. "It's possible."

"Then could you take me back to see Jesus in heaven; but before He came down from there to become a baby on earth?"

The angel thought for a moment. "I'm not sure about that."

Pete grabbed the angel by his arms and almost screamed, "Please angel. Please do it. It's most important. There's something I must say to Him."

The angel put his head on one side as though he was listening. Then he replied, "I can't take you right into heaven, but I can take you to a point where you can see inside at the time when Jesus was just about to leave. Hold my hand."

After the now familiar dizziness stopped, Pete found himself standing in a grassy meadow, surrounded by flowers of such glorious shape and colour he had never before seen. The fragrance in the air was like nothing he had smelled before and the contrast between the beauty of this place and where he had just left couldn't have been greater.

In front of him was a walled city, with high gates wide open. He could see clearly inside, and throngs of beings, some like the angel and some the like of which he had never seen before, stood either side of the main road leading right from the centre of the city to the gate. He could see Jesus, mounted on an enormous white horse, riding between the throngs and toward the gate. As He reached the gate, He dismounted and the horse gently nuzzled His arm.

"Patience, my friend," He said. We have to wait some time longer, and then you'll take me all the way on your back."

The horse nodded his head up and down as if he understood, turned, and walked back into the city.

"Wait! Please wait a minute!" Pete couldn't hold back with the urgency of what he needed to do and ran forward, suddenly coming to a halt a little way before he reached Jesus. "I'm really sorry, but I must speak to you…" he tailed off.




















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